Certified ASP.NET Programmer Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Which control is not supported by ASP.Net?

A.    TextBox
B.    Drop Down List
C.    Label
D.    DateTimePicker

2. What are the full form of CRUD?

A.    Create, Return, Update, Delete
B.    Create, Return, Update, Drop
C.    Create, Remove, Update, Drop
D.    Create, Retrive, Update, Delete

3. Which Template is used in List View to display data?

A.    DisplayItemTemplate
B.    DataTemplate
C.    ListTemplate
D.    ItemTemplate

4. Where do you set authentication mode in the ASP.NET application?

A.    You can set authentication mode using weB.config file
B.    You can set authentication mode using global.asax file
C.    You can set authentication mode using cookies
D.    You can set authentication mode using Web Service

5. What is the structure of exception handling?

A.    Try, Finally and Catch
B.    Try, Catch and Finally
C.    Catch, Try and Finally
D.    Catch, Finally and Try

Answers: 1 (D), 2 (D), 3 (D), 4 (A), 5 (B)


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