The foreach loop

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The foreach loop

Foreach is a loop construct. It has very simple syntax. It does not use an integer index. Instead, it is used on a collection and returns each element in order. This is called enumeration. It eliminates errors caused by incorrect index handling.

This example shows how you can use the keyword foreach on a string array to loop through the elements in the array.

In the foreach-statement, you do not need to specify the loop bounds minimum or maximum, and do not need an 'i' variable as in for-loops.

Note: This results in fewer characters to type and code that it is easier to review and verify, with no functionality loss.

using System;

class Program
    static void Main()
    // Use a string array to loop over.
    string[] ferns =
    // Loop with the foreach keyword.
    foreach (string value in ferns)



Note - The foreach-statement contains the reserved "foreach" keyword followed by a parenthetical containing the declaration of the iteration variable. The iteration variable "string value" can be a different type such as "int number" if you are looping over that type.


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