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Creating the Registration page with CreateUserWizard

The CreateUserWizard control is a kind of CompositeControl like the other ASP.NET Membership controls. So it isn't surprising that, like most of the ASP.NET Membership controls, it normally produces nested

tags and frequently uses inline styling. An adapter can produce less bulky markup that positions content with CSS rather than tables.

This controls are very useful because you can build web site where you can create your own user and password and then authenticate yourself. What's more it's very easy to make and it's not time consuming. To do this, you need to have SQL Server Express installed.

CreateUseWizard Steps -

  • CreateUserWizardStep: Pre-defined wizard step with the create user display and logic added.
  • CompleteWizardStep: Pre-defined wizard step that shows the successful completion of the wizard.
  • Collection of WizardSteps: Each WizardStep contains a discrete piece of content to be displayed to the user. Only one WizardStep will be displayed at a time.
  • Navigation Buttons: The navigation area below each WizardStep that contains the navigation buttons to go the next and pervious steps in the CreateUserWizard.
  • SideBar: An optional element that contains a list of all WizardSteps and provides a means to skip around the WizardSteps in a random order.
  • Header: An optional element to provide consistent information at the top of the WizardStep.
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