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Configuring the SMTP-Mail settings

To configure the Web site to use an SMTP server

  1. On the Website menu, click ASP.NET Configuration.

  2. In the Web Site Administration Tool, click the Application tab.

  3. Under SMTP Settings, click Configure SMTP email settings. The tool displays a page where you can configure email.

  4. Enter the information that the page prompts you for.

  5. Click Save, and in the confirmation page, click OK.

    The Web Site Administration Tool creates a Web.config file that has the settings that you have made in the mailSettings section.

  6. Close the browser window in which the Web Site Administration tool is displayed.

  7. Open the Web.config file.

  8. Under the system.net element and under the mailSettings element, verify your smtp and host settings.

    Note Note

    If your SMTP server requires a secure connection, you must set the enableSsl attribute to true. You do this in the network section of the smtp element in the Web.config file.

    The SMTP settings in the Web.config file will resemble the following example.

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