Choose an ASP Dot Net-Friendly Host

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Choose an ASP Dot Net-Friendly Host

Hosting ASP Net is specialized. We can see a good ASP Net web hosting provider by looking at their infrastructure, website, etc. They should use all of Microsoft technology throughout entire hosting infrastructure, hosting automation system, and control panel using ASP NET technology.

A good ASP Net server will strictly serve Microsoft Web Applications. (No PHP, Perl etc.), with separate database, and separate email server. All of these will ensure that Windows Web Applications have unrestricted access to the core components of IIS and Windows Server.

ASP.NET hosting can be checked on basis of offerings like

  • Windows OS: the best chooice for ASP.NET hosting is Windows 2008 certainly.
  • RAM: this is the maximum memory in the server that can be used for site.
  • .NET Trust Level: it's configured for each website by .NET infrastrcuture.
  • .NET Framework Version
  • ASP.NET MVC Version
  • SQL Server Edition
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