Certified Apache Cassandra Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


  • History of Cassandra
  • Cassandra’s need and advantages
  • Data model and terms
  • Source building and installation Cassandra
  • Client CLI and commands
  • Keyspace
  • Replication with Gossip protocol
  • Durability with sstables, memtables, commit logs and hinted handoff
  • Compaction
  • Bloom filters and tombstones
  • Concurrency by SEDA
Configuring Cassandra
  • Keyspaces API definitions
  • Replica and their placement
  • Row key sorting by partitioner
  • Host proximity by snitch
  • Creating a cluster and nodes
  • Implementing Security
  • Client layer with Thrift and Avro
  • Different clients for programming languages
Data Read and writes
  • Basic properties
  • Single, range and multiget slice
  • Deletion and programmatic definition
  • Using Log4J for logging
  • JMX and managed beans
  • Heap and thread monitoring
Performance Tuning
  • Tuning commit logs and memtables
  • Caching and buffer sizing
  • Stress testing and JVM tuning
  • Nodetool
  • cfstats and tpstats
  • Snapshot management
  • Updating and removing nodes

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