Certified Advertising Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


Advertising Environment
  • Explains the evolution in the advertisement industry and the general perspective about advertising
  • Explains the theories of advertising such as hierarchy of effects model, means-end theory, leverage points etc
  • Explains the principles of advertisement
  • Illustrates the need, purpose and functions of advertising
  • Illustrates the various modes of advertisements such as television, radio, online advertising etc
  • Explains the steps involved in the process advertising
  • Explains the process flow involved in developing advertising framework and process of decision making
Advertising Management
  • Explains the role of advertising department in an organization and their functioning
  • Explains the role of advertising agency and various types of advertising agencies
  • Illustrates the process of setting advertisement objectives and their motives
  • Illustrates steps involved in setting up the advertising budget and the process involved in media scheduling
Advertising Planning and Decision Making
  • Explains the process involved in developed marketing plans and strategies
  • Describes the process of communication and persuasion
  • Illustrates the advertising communication system and the advertising exposure model
  • Illustrates the steps involved in creating, assessing and execution of the advertising plans
  • Explains the techniques and motives of setting goals and objectives in developing the advertising plans
  • Explains the techniques of designing messages strategy and tactics in advertising management
  • Explains the role of social, legal and global factors affecting the advertisement management process
  • Explains the process of decision making during the course of advertising management
Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Explains the role of advertising within the communication mix and marketing program
  • Explains the meaning, scope and importance of direct marketing
  • Explains the meaning, elements, scope and modes/types of sales promotion
  • Describes the techniques of maintaining and handling public relations
  • Explains the other modes of action-oriented communication such as retail advertising, cooperative advertising, in-store advertising and merchandising etc
Brand Building
  • Illustrates the segmentation and positioning strategies
  • Illustrates the process of decision making in the practice of positioning
  • Provides an understanding of the attitude levels and its components
  • Describes the means-ends and laddering analysis and multiattribute attitude model
  • Provides an understanding benefits-based attitudes
  • Explains the concept of brand equity and the dimensions of brand knowledge
  • Illustrates the concept of brand personality association its importance and types
  • Explains the process involved in targeting a brand personality and steps involved in implementing brand personality strategy
  • Illustrates the concept of reference groups, factors influencing degree of group influence and diffusion process
  • Explain the concept of Word-of-mouth advertising
Advertising Tactics
  • Describes the various creative approach and styles of advertising such as comparative advertising, inoculative advertising, refutational advertising etc
  • Explains the various approaches to advertise such as using emotional creative approach, endorsement etc
  • Explains the distraction effect of advertising
  • Explains the import guidelines of copywriting, general copy principles, different types of television commercial and their creative styles
Production and Implementation
  • Explains the advertising production process with the help of model of creation and production process
  • Explains the steps involved in developing client-agency relationship such as selection, building partnership and trust, approval process, cost and compensation etc
Media Strategy and Tactics
  • Explains the economic analysis in budget allocation and the steps involved in market experimentation
  • Illustrates the different types of media decisions in allocating media budget such as media class decisions, media vehicle decision and media option decisions
  • Explains the important strategies in timing and scheduling decisions
  • Illustrates the concept and importance of media planning and scheduling
  • Illustrates the concept of media buying and organization
Advertising – Laws and Ethics
  • Social Responsibility and Self Regulation Code
  • Competitors Lawsuits
  • Advertising agencies and regulation
  • Advertising Standards Council of India
  • Advertising laws, code and constitution
  • Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • Copyright Act, 1957
  • Patent & Trademarkets Act
  • Defamation & Emblem and Names Act, 1980
Global Marketing and Advertising
  • Describes the emergence of market globalization
  • Describes the process of Global production and marketing
  • Illustrates the cultural differences, need for localization and cross-national differences
  • Explains the concepts of consumer behavior and consumer segmentation
  • Explains the need, importance and various types of advertising research
  • Explains the concept of global branding, positioning, advertising and organization
  • need advertising research
  • Provides the strategies and tactics of message communication during global marketing and advertising and the media tactics

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