Certification in Open Source Technologies Drupal Course Outline

Course Outline


Drupal Introduction
  • Drupal Overview and Flow
  • How Drupal Works
  • Nodes and Collaboration in Drupal
  • General Concepts about Drupal CMS like Node, taxonomy, Module
  • Content Types explanation like Blog, Page, Poll, etc.
  • Illustrating Path s in Drupal and ways to find them
  • Illustrating the Users, their roles and Permissions
  • Drupal Technology Stack and its layers
  • Security in Drupal via Drupal API
  • Illustrating versioning in Drupal
  • Third party reference for Drupal
  • Steps to install Drupal
  • Software environment for Drupal focusing on Web and Database server requirements
  • Procedure for Drupal installation with default features explaining quick install of Drupal for beginners
  • Using cron jobs for installation
  • Security notes to be followed for installation focusing .htaccess
  • Multi lingual support installation in Drupal
  • Steps for Modules installation in Drupal
  • Themes installing steps in Drupal
  • Migration steps from other CMS to Drupal
Drupal usage
  • Install, upgrade, uninstall and reinstall Drupal Modules
  • Drupal Administration by using shortcuts, links and admin dashboard
  • Site security, backup and migration
  • Backing database and core files
  • URL generation Management
  • Illustrating comment and node creation
  • User management
  • Site management using reports and system event log
  • Drupal upgrade from version 6 to 7 process
Building Sites on Drupal
  • Structuring the content for building the site
  • Planning and reusing fields in the new site to make
  • Creating and using Terms, menus, Taxonomy for the site
  • Comments default, administration and approval settings for the new site
  • Exposing Filters for selecting specific taxonomy by user
  • Content region explanation by blocks in Drupal
  • Add, configure and delete block
  • Dynamic display blocks
  • User profiles, pictures
  • Install and configure Drupal for mobiles
  • Multi-lingual support in Drupal and translation to other language
  • Creating common language set
Building Site Steps
  • Site building essentials involving admin/build/features/export
  • Selecting features and components during site building
  • Download new features in Drupal
  • Installation and enabling features in sites of Drupal
  • Content display and composite layout in Drupal site
  • Site Documentation Tool provided by Drupal
  • Configuring and managing Actions, Triggers, and Workflow
  • Utilizing the Events, actions and Conditions of Drupal
  • Connecting to other Sites, Systems, and Data
  • Using the Email and Messaging Module
Applying Themes to Sites
  • Using JavaScript inheritance
  • Add Styles using Drupal API
  • Overriding theme file
  • Utilizing the Baseline Variables
  • Using Menu Themes and Overriding them

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