Business Writing Table of Contents

Table of Content

Communication Basics

  • Meaning and Definition
  • Dimensions of Communication
  • Formal Vs Informal
  • Barriers of Communication
  • Cultural Barriers

Effective Communication

  • Negotiating Conflict in a Principled Fashion
  • Guidelines For Effective Communication

Oral Communication

  • Formal Vs Informal Oral Communication
  • Advantages of Oral Communication
  • Disadvantages of Oral Communication
  • Silence as Communication

Non Verbal Communication

  • Reflection Of Thought, Feelings And Position
  • Effective Use of Body Language

Written Communication

  • Features of Written Communication
  • Written Communication in Business

Fragmented and Parallel Sentences

  • Fragmented and Parallel sentences


  • Element of a Series
  • Squinting Construction and Split Infinitive
  • Split Infinitive
  • Dangling Participles and Gerunds

Coherence and Unity

  • Sample letter

Summarising or Precise Writing

  • The Key Language Points
  • Some Rules to Remember


  • Characteristics of Tables

Principles of Business Correspondence

  • Objectives
  • Common Components and Formats

Technical Writing

  • Technical Writing Objectives
  • Principles of Technical Writing
  • Write Clear Sentences for Your Reader

Letter Writing

  • Examples of Private Letters
  • Examples of Business Letters
  • Application Letters

Circular and Questionnaires

  • Office Orders


  • Managing the Mailbox
  • Presenting Your Mail
  • Small is Beautiful Keep Your Mail Short
  • Don’t Hide Behind Your Mail


  • Introduction
  • Definition and Types
  • Planning Sheet for a Proposal
  • Composition of a Proposal
  • The Statement of Need
  • Sample for Proposal Writing

Scientific and Technical Articles

  • Definition & Characteristics

Report Writing

  • Characteristics of Report Writing
  • Style of Report Writing
  • Classification of Reports
  • Key Points


  • Notice Basics
  • Useful Tips


  • Introduction
  • Layout

Minutes of Meeting

  • Introduction
  • Layout of Meeting Minutes
  • Useful Tips


  • Basics
  • Elements of an Effective Memo
  • Types of Memos
  • Memo Parts


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