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Big data describes huge volumes of data – both structured and unstructured which are to be analyzed for insights and decision making usually with Apache Hadoop framework. Big Data Testing refers to testing of big data applications for ensuring working of all the functionalities of a big data application as expected. Big data testing assures smooth and error-free operation of the big data system while maintaining the performance and security.

Big Data Testing requires knowledge of Hive and Pig scripting to develop scripts for extraction and processing of the data for testing.

Note: Please note that only assessment is provided and no learning resources will be provided.

Why should one take Certificate in Big Data Testing

Big Data Testing is the most in demand testing skill as it has gained widespread usage due to extensive usage of cloud computing, social media and big data technologies. Vskills Certificate in Big Data Testing provides a hands-on approach to understand the nuances of big data application, Apache Hadoop, Pig scripting and essential of testing the big data application. The certification attests to your understanding of big data and applying testing skills to stand out amongst your peers and gain better career prospects.

The certification covers

  • Apache Hadoop Basics
  • HDFS, Pig and Hive
  • Big Data Testing Design
  • Big Data Test Execution
  • Performance and Failover Testing

Who will benefit from taking Certificate in Big Data Testing

Software Testing Professionals, Engineers, Team Leads, Senior QA Engineers, managers will benefit immensely by opting for Vskills Certificate in Big Data Testing to gain an edge in Big Data Testing.

Students taking the certification also gain by showcasing their understanding of Big Data and are able to increase their job opportunities.

Big Data Testing Table of Contents


Big Data Testing Practice Test


Big Data Testing Interview Questions


Companies that hire Vskills Big Data Testing Professionals

Companies specializing in software testing or software development are constantly hiring skilled Big Data Testers. IT companies, MNCs hire Big Data Testing professionals for big data application testing related tasks. Companies employing Big Data Testing professionals include Google, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Tech Mahindra, GE, Amex, Deloitte, Wipro, TCS, etc.

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Introduction to Big Data Testing

  • Overview of Big Data
  • Importance of Testing in Big Data Projects
  • Challenges in Testing Big Data Applications

Big Data Technology Fundamentals

  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Apache Spark
  • NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Apache Kafka

Big Data Testing Strategies

  • Testing approaches and methodologies
  • Test Planning for Big Data Projects
  • Data Validation and Integrity Testing
  • Performance Testing for Big Data Systems

Testing Tools for Big Data

  • Hadoop Testing Tools (e.g., HadoopUnit, MRUnit)
  • Spark Testing (e.g., SparkUnit, Spark-testing-base)
  • NoSQL Database Testing Tools
  • Data Ingestion Testing Tools

Data Quality and Data Governance in Big Data

  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Profiling and Cleansing
  • Metadata Management in Big Data

Security and Compliance Testing in Big Data

  • Security Testing in Big Data Environments
  • Compliance Testing and Regulatory Requirements

Performance and Scalability Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Scalability Testing in Big Data Systems
  • Testing Data Processing Techniques
  • Batch Processing Testing
  • Real-time Data Processing Testing
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Testing

Fault Tolerance and Resilience Testing

  • Fault Injection Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • High Availability Testing

Big Data Analytics and Visualization Testing

  • Testing Data Analytics Algorithms
  • Validation of Data Visualization Tools

Use of Automation in Big Data Testing

  • Test Automation Frameworks for Big Data
  • Scripting and Automated Testing Tools

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