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  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
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  • Online exam.

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Why should I take this certification?

If you want to learn about Options, this certification is for you. This certification is meant to significantly improve your stock portfolio performance. You will learn the key concepts in options trading and how it is different from Stocks. This certification will cover various areas in options trading like, market-wide limits, price index, Black-Scholes option pricing model, PC ratio, strategic derivative tools, volatility, Delta, Options Trader strategies, long combo, long straddle, derivative risks, accounting and taxation of option trading.

Only hard copy - study material is provided.

Study & Learn

  • Understanding Options
  • Options Trading
  • Price Index
  • Pricing of Options
  • Strategic Derivatives Tools
  • Types of Volatility
  • Options Greeks
  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Risk in Derivatives
  • Accounting & Taxation of Options Trading

How will I benefit from this certification?

Options Trading Professionals are in huge demand. Companies specializing in options or futures Trader constantly hire skilled Options Trading Professionals. Various public and private companies also need Options Trader Professionals for their options and futures Trader departments.

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Options Trader Practice Test


Options Trader Interview Questions


Companies that hire Options Trader

Vskills Certified Options Trader will find employment in Top MNC's and organizations like Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking, Edelweiss, JP Morgan Chase.

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  •  Indian Derivatives Market: An Overview    
  •  What are Derivatives?
  •  Evolution of Derivatives Market
  •  Types of Derivatives

 Understanding Options

  •  Options: An Overview
  •  Types of Options
  •  Advantages of Options
  •  Trading System
  •  Procedure for Margin Collection
  •  Types of Orders
  •  Settlement Schedule for Option Contracts
  •  Settlement Mechanism
  •  Writing of Options

 Option Trading

  •  Market-wide Limits

 Price Index

  •  What is Index?
  •  Eligibility Criteria of Indices
  •  Construction of Index
  •  Desirable Attributes of an Index

 Pricing Of Options

  •  Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
  •  Pricing of Equity Options
  •  Pricing of Options on Dividend Paying Scripts
  •  Binomial Model of Option Pricing
  •  Pricing of Binomial Put Option
  •  Binomial Multiple Period Model

 Strategic Derivative Tools

  •  Put-call Parity
  •  PC Ratio
  •  Weighted PC Ratio
  •  Volume PC Ratio

 Tools to Measure Market Sentiment

  •  Volatility

 Types of Volatility

  •  Estimating Volatility
  •  Estimating Historical Volatility
  •  Factors Affecting the Computation of Historical Volatility
  •  Implied Volatility
  •  Volatility Smile
  •  GARCH
  •  Impacts of Implied Volatility and Underlying Asset Price on Purchase of Options
  •  Volatility Trading
  •  NSE Volatility Index
  •  Behavioral Study of Nifty Options Distress
  •  Impacts of Events on Volatility-A Case Study
  •  Comparative Study of the Behavior of Nifty and IT Stocks During an Event
  •  Impact of Quarterly on Stock Futures
  •  Volatility Skew
  •  Stochastic Volatility
  •  Volatility Arbitrage
  •  Volatility Change

 Option Greeks

  •  Delta
  •  Gamma
  •  Vega
  •  Theta
  •  Rho

 Option Trading Strategies

  •  Advantages of Strategies
  •  Buying Put Option
  •  Bear Spread with Puts
  •  Long Put Ratio Spread
  •  Bear Spread with Call
  •  Synthetic Short
  •  Short Put Ladder
  •  Long Combo
  •  Long Call Christmas Trees
  •  Short Put Albatross
  •  Short Straddle versus Put
  •  Short Strip with Calls
  •  Long Guts
  •  Long Call Ladder
  •  Long Iron Butterfly
  •  Long Put Spread versus Short Call
  •  Basic Option Strategies
  •  Trading Strategy Adopted by Nick Leeson
  •  Short Straddle
  •  Long Straddle
  •  Covered Call Writing
  •  Probability
  •  Spread Trading
  •  Contango and Backwardation
  •  Trading Strategies with Long -Term Options
  •  Portfolio Hedging by Call Writing Portfolio Hedging Through Delta Hedge
  •  Diagonal Spread

 Market Information

  •  Introduction

 Risk In Derivatives

  •  Risk in Options
  •  Is Writing Options a High Risky Strategy?
  •  Classification of Risks
  •  Elimination of Market Risk through Hedging

 Accounting And Taxation Of Option Trading

  •  Accounting Norms for Equity and Index Options
  •  Charges in F&O Segment
  •  Taxation of Derivatives
  •  Income Tax

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