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Six Sigma Black Belt Leader Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Who creates a product backlog for project initiation under Scrum cycle
A. Scrum team
B. Scrum Master
C. Product owner
D. None of these

2. Which accounting concept refers to the value today of future cash flow?
A. Present value (PV)
B. Net present value (NPV)
C. Opportunity cost
D. Sunk cost

3. What is the primary purpose of FMEA?
A. It helps to prevent failures from occurring.
B. Identifies the effects of the failure.
C. Evaluates the risk associated with Defects.
D. All of the above

4. Which of the following is essential for organizational training needs assessment
A. Consider current and projected changes
B. Rating scales
C. Interviews
D. Questionanaires

5. Which requirement gathering technique, focuses on suggestions by domain experts?
A. Alternative generation
B. Affinity Diagram
D. Expert Judgement

Answers:      1 (C), 2 (A), 3 (D), 4 (A), 5 (D)

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