Leadership Communication Professional Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What characterizes modern leaders

A. action oriented.

B. able to build a sense of shared values.

C. able to manage change efficiently.

D. All of these

2. Which of the following process, involves coordinating people and human resources to accomplish organizational goals

A. planning

B. directing

C. management

D. leadership

3. Which of the following refers to specific, short-term statements detailing how to achieve an organization's goals

A. vision

B. mission statement

C. objectives

D. operational planning

4. Which of the following is the ability to notice and to manage emotional cues and information

A. Perception

B. Emotions

C. Emotional Intelligence

D. None of these

5. What does emotional intelligence includes other than understanding your own feelings, empathy for others, and

A. Possessing above average verbal and math skills

B. The ability to manage emotions.

C. Having a good sense of humor.

D. Understanding human relations research.

Answers:      1 (D), 2 (D), 3 (C), 4 (C), 5 (D)


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