Certified Router Support Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content

Virtual LAN
  • Virtual LAN Basics
  • ISL and 802.1Q Trunking
  • VLAN Trunking Protocol
  • VTP Modes
  • VTP Pruning
Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 80d) & Need
  • Spanning Tree Working & Convergence
  • EtherChannel, PortFast & STP Security
  • Rapid STP (IEEE 802.1w - RSTP)
  • RSTP Link and Edge Types, Port States, Roles & Convergence
  • STP Configuration and Verification
  • Multiple STP Instances
  • Port Costs, Priority, PortFast, BPDU Guard, EtherChannel and RSTP Configuration
  • STP Troubleshooting
Static and Connected Routes
  • IP routing and addressing process
  • IP sub-netting and forwarding
  • DNS, DHCP, ARP, and ICMP
  • Fragmentation and MTU
  • Secondary IP Addressing and Subnet Zero
  • ISL and 802.1Q Configuration on Routers
  • Configuring Static Routes
  • The ping command
  • Static default routes with the ip route and ip default-network command
  • Classful and Classless Routing
VLSM and Route Summarization
  • VLSM and their configuration
  • Overlapping VLSM Subnets
  • Manual Route Summarization
  • Autosummarization and Discontiguous Classful Networks
  • Discontiguous Classful Networks
  • Autosummarization Support and Configuration
IP Access Control Lists
  • IP Standard ACL, their configuration, sequence numbers and wildcard masks
  • Extended IP access control lists and configuration
  • Named IP Access Lists
  • Controlling Telnet and SSH Access with ACLs
  • Reflexive, Dynamic and Time-Based Access Lists
  • IP Routing troubleshooting by ping and traceroute commands
  • VLSM and ACL issues
Routing Protocol Theory
  • Interior and Exterior Routing Protocols
  • Dynamic routing protocol and routing protocol functions
  • IGP Routing Protocol algorithms, metrics and administrative distance
  • Distance Vector Routing Protocol features and loop prevention
  • Route Poisoning and Counting to infinity problem
  • Split Horizon, poison reverse and triggered updates
  • The Holddown Process and Holddown Timer
  • Link-State Routing Protocol and building it
  • Using Dijkstra SPF
  • Convergence with Link-State Protocols
  • OSPF protocols, operation and neighbors
  • Searching OSPF Routers
  • Neighbor States and problems of a neighbor
  • OSPF Topology Database Exchange
  • Maintaining LSDB and building the IP Routing Table
  • Hierarchical OSPF scaling
  • OSPF areas, advantages, configuration
  • OSPF single-area and multiple areas configuration
  • Configuring OSPF Router ID, Hello and Dead Timers, Metrics (Cost), authentication and load balancing
  • EIGRP Operation and neighbors
  • Exchanging EIGRP topology information
  • Best Route Calculation, feasible distance and reported distance
  • EIGRP Convergence, metrics, successors and feasible successors
  • The Query and Reply Process
  • EIGRP Summary and Comparisons with OSPF
  • EIGRP configuration, verification and authentication
  • EIGRP Maximum Paths and Variance
  • Tuning the EIGRP Metric Calculation
Point-to-Point WANs
  • PPP basics and the PPP protocol field
  • PPP Link Control Protocol (LCP)
  • Looped link detection and enhanced Error Detection
  • PPP multilink, authentication and configuration
  • PAP and CHAP configuration and verification
  • Keepalive Failure
  • PAP and CHAP Authentication Failure
Frame Relay Concepts
  • Frame Relay Standards
  • Virtual Circuits
  • LMI and Encapsulation Types
  • Frame Relay local and global addressing
  • Frame Relay Layer different addressing
  • Layer Broadcast Handling
  • Controlling Speed and Discards
  • FECN, BECN and the discard eligibility (DE) bit
  • Frame Relay Configuration and Verification
  • Configuring the Encapsulation and LMI
  • Frame Relay Address Mapping
  • Inverse ARP
  • Static Frame Relay Mapping

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