Certified Android Apps Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Evolution of Android
  • Enlisting the various software and SDKs needed for development of android apps
  • Explains the Different elements of IDE
  • Illustrates the basic working of Android Application Framework
  • Fundamentals of UI and screen layout design
  • Explains the procedure for installing and updating the SDK
  • Explains the procedure of setting up AVD and mobile connection
The Android Platform
  • Explains the basics of Java SE and the dalvik virtual machine
  • Describes the directory Structure of android project
  • Detailing the usage of XML and AndroidManifest.xml File
Android Framework
  • Illustrates about application file and application components
  • Describes the usage of intent objects
  • Explains the fundamentals of android manifest XML
User Interface
  • Using android view hierarchies
  • Describing the usage of XML for screen layout
  • Illustrates the usage of common user interface elements
  • Describes the basics of menus
  • Explains the usage of dialogs
  • Explains the procedure of utilizing images and animation
  • Illustrates the basics of transitions usage and playing videos
  • Illustrates the basics of click and touch events handling
  • Explains the procedure of using Keyboard events
  • Explains the usage of Context Menus
Content Providers
  • Illustrates the basics of android content providers
  • Defines and explains working with content provider
Intents and Intent Filters
  • Describes the concept of intent and it’s types
  • Accessing android intent messaging
  • Explains intent resolution
  • Illustrates the usage of intents with activities
  • Broadcast Receivers and intents
  • Explains the procedure of creating widgets in android
  • Accessing Google maps, search and location based services in android
  • Explains the procedure of using data storage in android
  • Illustrates device Administration for security in android

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