What is Leadership

What is Leadership

The concept of leadership is about the way to manage an organization, group or even a family. The concept of leadership has undergone a lot of change over the period. Earlier, leadership was believed to be something of the nature of personal traits – a characteristic of the people, which was the monopoly of only a few persons. The supporter of this theory held the view that their characteristics or traits are intrinsic. Therefore, the concept of “born leadership” or the concept of “leaders are born not made” became popular. Later on, others had the view that these traits may be acquired. Leadership is all about coping with the change. This clearly answers the question what is leadership?

What is Leadership

Leaders always work with a vision and therefore establish the directions accordingly. Leadership can be defined as the ability to influence a group to work and achieve the desired goal. Every organization needs a strong leader to lead their team in a positive direction. Thus, there is a need for dynamic and dominating future vision in a leader.

Most common traits in the characteristic of leadership

  • Empathy: when a leader is empathetic to the concerns of his team, the results are likely to be more positive. Therefore a resultant organization’s growth.
  • Consistency: consistency is the key to leadership. Being a consistent leader will gain you respect and credibility.
  • Honesty: this is the most important characteristic of a leader. If you are fair enough and honestly delivering your job then an honest evaluation follows.
  • Direction: directing the team for achieving the desired goal is the main aim of any leader. A good leader can create positive and important changes.
  • Communication: the communication is the best key to communicate your words to the team and this helps them to work per the expectations. This helps the team to work on the right projects in the right manner.
  • Flexibility: there happen many problems in a work field and not every problem has the same solution. Being flexible with the nature of the problem helps in finding the best-suited solution. Also, it’s convenient for the team to work.

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