What do you understand by learning?

What do you understand by learning?

Learning – Learning is the result of whatever we see, do or experience in our day to day life, and it’s not just associated with education qualifications only. Then the question arises ‘what do you understand by learning’? When we acquire knowledge, behavior, values, or preferences this process is called learning. This ability of learning is inherited in humans and also possessed by animals and machines. There are different styles of learning some are immediate type just induced by a single event, for instance, the taste of sugar. Although, the knowledge and skills accumulate from repletion of past experiences we all have. Learning brings changes that often last a lifetime, and gets stored in our memory.

What do you understand by learning?

Learning at workplace

Work-based learning is about developing the new advanced skills and retrains the old skills that are already acquired. It works to manage stress at work and helps in better employees’ performance. Apart from monitoring the good or average work of the employee, it also involves rewarding the good work done. This thing influences the employees to put their best at work.

Where it leads

  • Self-leading- this helps in an individual’s personal growth. The effective learning programme makes one more career-oriented leads to leadership skills.
  • Leading others- while learning you also develop the leadership skills. This makes others engage in the organization’s growth programme.
  • Leading the organization- finally, this makes the individual capable of leading the organization. By creating high performing skills, it also inspires change with visions and strategy and administering cultural performance.

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