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The concept of industrial relations in HR indicates a dynamic and complex relationship between employers and employees in an organizational setting. Another term used to denote this relationship is ‘human relations’. From this perspective, industrial relations covers all aspects of the employment relationship, including human resource management, employee relations, and union-management (or labor) relations.

Industrial relations are critical functional domains for managers, senior management who represent the organization and their relationship with employees or labour as per laid regulations and laws. Industrial Relations covers various aspects of employee relations covering –

  • Labour and Compensation Laws
  • Grievance Handling
  • Discipline
  • Employee Exit
  • Industrial Disputes
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Worker’s participation in management
  • Conflict and Negotiation Skills
Why should one take Vskills Certificate in Industrial Relations?

Vskills Certificate in Industrial Relations enhances your understanding of the multiple facets entailed towards managing positive employee relations and addressing industrial disputes and grievances. The certification is also proof of your skills and knowledge in efficiently and effectively managing industrial disputes and employee relations. The certification covers various labour and compensation laws as well as collective bargaining, discipline and employee exit.

Career as an Industrial Relations Manager

Industrial relations managers are frequently engaged to serve as liaisons between management and the labour force. Let us discover Career as an Industrial Relations Manager!

industrial relations
Who will benefit from taking this certification?

The certification is suitable for managers, senior executives and senior management in labour relations and human resources management.

Benefits of Certification

  • Government certification
  • Certification valid for life
  • Lifelong e-learning access
  • Free Practice Tests
  • Get tagged as ‘Vskills Certified’ On Monsterindia.com
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Exam Details
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.
  • Exam Price: 3499 + GST *
How it Works?
Certificate in Industrial Relations How it works
Course Outline

The certificate in this area covers topics including –

Industrial Relations

Labour Laws

Compensation Laws

Grievance Handling


Employee Exit

Industrial Disputes

Collective Bargaining

Worker’s participation in management

Safety and Health

Conflict and Negotiation Skills

International Industrial Relations

Important Details

About Vskills

Vskills is India’s Largest Assessment Body developed with the objective to improve the scope for professional certification and academic testing mechanism. Companies continuously look forward to validating and updating the knowledge and skills required of their workforce for implementing advanced technology mechanism, regulate the performance of professional and confirm academic learning.

Vskills has provided a platform for both candidate (who can be a student, working professional, some-one handling house hold or a retired professional) and the recruiter to find the most suitable match.

Vskills is an endeavour to provide the candidates seeking value addition to their knowledge and the chance to explore and plan for better opportunities for advanced career opportunities. The companies on the other hand looking for a basket of expert individuals can easily identify the suitable candidates and motivate working professional to upgrade their performance in order to be current and market-ready.

Characteristics of Vskills Certifications

  • Vskills meet the job requirement: Vskills certifications is a verified certification built to meet the needs and upcoming job trends. Certificate in Industrial relation will help prove competency and work skills.
  • Vskills Deliverables: Vskills extend learning assistance by subject matter experts for developing content, together with a third-party endorsement in governing the certification programme for developing and maintaining a valid learning environment.
  • Vskills offer Secure Testing System: Vskills offer rigorous learning schedule followed for assessment for a successful certification programme, which is definitely perceived as a competitive advantage.
  • Vskills Practice-based learning: Vskills strongly believe in the mechanism of No better way to learn that practice. It is assumed that knowledge gained is knowledge waste till the time it is not applied and tested or questioned. A wide range of questions bank has been built to accelerate the performance of the candidate.
  • Vskills emphasizes on ethical conduct: Vskills believes in ethical conduct including protecting the certification exam from fraudulent activities thereby ensuring the ethical professional practice.
  • Vskills offers a trustworthy certification programme that is spread across various domains and offers expertise in several areas. Together with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and particular job tasks, training and eligibility requirements, assessments and maintenance are a few aspects included in the certification programme.

Preparation Guide for Certificate in Industrial Relation

Here is your chance to prepare for better learning resources and expert learning guide. The preparation guide will help you boost your learning and enhance your learning with better opportunities. We shall now share a list of learning resources that will help you prepare in a disciplined way.

Vskills Certificate in Industrial Relations

Review the exam objectives

It is utmost important to thoroughly go through the course outline for streamlined preparation and not miss on anything important before the final preparation day.

  • Industrial Relations
  • Labour Laws
  • Compensation Laws
  • Grievance Handling
  • Discipline
  • Employee Exit
  • Industrial Disputes
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Worker’s participation in management
  • Safety and Health
  • Conflict and Negotiation Skills
  • International Industrial Relations

Refer Official Guide: Certificate in Industrial Relations

Books are your Best friends

Some of the reference books for Certificate in Industrial Relations –

  • Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour Legislation (Old Edition) by P.R.N. Sinha (Author)
  • Industrial Relations and Labour Laws by Piyali Ghosh
  • Industrial Relations and Labour Laws by S C Srivastava

Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Vskills offer online learning management system to candidate registering for the exam with life-time access to boost your preparation. The online learning content helps in boosting your preparation and gather the knowledge required to qualify the exam.

Refer: Certificate in Industrial Relations Brochure

Evaluate with Practice Test

Want to check your performance don’t know how? No worries we have got you covered here. Start your preparation with a latest and updated practice test that will help you boost your learning and evaluate your preparation. Its time to identify your strengths and work-upon your weakness. Start your preparation for Industrials Relations Now!

Industrial relations practice test
Prepare for Job Interview

If your are preparing for a role in Industrial Relations, then you must checkout these job interview questions, which will help you to prepare for same. Try Now !!

Industrial Relations Job Interview Questions
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What is Industrial Relations

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