APS Model for Evaluating L&D

APS Model for Evaluating L&D

APS Model for Evaluating L&D was published by the Australian Public Service Commission and the Australian National Audit Office in 2003. It is a practical guide for building the capability. There are six elements in the APS model for the evaluation of learning and development.

APS Model for Evaluating L&D


  • Relevance: the running learning and development program should be relevant. It should cover all the requirements and this models minds that there aren’t any irrelevant things its implementing.
  • Appropriateness: the programme designed for the learning and development should be appropriate i.e. it should meet all the requirements. Because only an appropriate program can reap the positive results in long-run. This model makes sure that it’s meeting the appropriateness required.
  • Reaction: the reaction of the learners helps in getting to know the quality of the learning culture at the workplace. The reaction tells whether the learner is applying the learned skills in the workplace or not. Also, the company’s growth reaction justifies it.
  • Capability acquired: the learning and development at the workplace help the employees in acquiring some required capabilities. The APS model helps in analyzing that the capabilities are being acquired.
  • Performance on the job: after implementing the learning and development in the workplace. The employees’ performance on the job signifies the skills it has imparted.
  • Outcomes: the outcomes of learning and development are the result it has made in the organization’s growth. As learning and development’s design for the mutual growth of the employees’ and the employers.

Thus, this model helps is evaluating the growth and all the other factors, when learning and development implemented in the workplace.

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