Vskills Certified XRay Machine and Dark Room Assistant Table of Content

Table of Content

Cutting metal pipe

  • Box spanner
  • Socket spanner
  • Drills
  • Hammers
  • Metal joints and fitting
  • Straight connectors

Tools  For  Fitting

  • Role of fitting
  • Tools used in folding rule, steel tape
  • Steel rule, folding rule, steel tape
  • Marking tools scriber
  • Dividers and trammel points
  • Prick punch and centre punch
  • Holding devices
  • Hand vice
  • Pin vice
  • Marking tools
  • Scriber
  • Face or side
  • Edge heel shoulder
  • Tang
  • Handle
  • Ferrule
  • Shape of the section
  • Flat file
  • Hand file
  • Square file
  • Pillar file
  • Round file
  • Triangular file
  • Half round file
  • Knife edge file
  • Striking tools
  • Divider
  • Surface plate
  • Cutting  tools

Insulating materials

  • Thermal insulation
  • Finishes
  • Thickness of pipe insulation
  • Economic thickness of insulations

Dismantle, clean assemble a centrifugal pimp

  • Procedure

Flow measuring instruments

  • Measure ement of flowing fluids
  • Full –bore meters

Calibration of venture, orifice and  rota metets

  •  Calibrate flow measuring instrument such as venture meter orifice meter orifice meter and rota meter
  • Explain about measuring measuring  pressure drop using manometers and estimating discharge coefficient

Maintenance of valves  

  • state how to assemble a valve


  • dismantle and assemble a valve
  • Gain knowledge about the maintenance of value
  • Select appropriate value types

Fluid moving machinery

  • Fluid –moving machinery 
  • Pumps
  • Positives –displacemenat pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Pump priming
  • Fans, blowers, and compressors
  • Positive- displacement compressor
  • Comparison of devices for moving fluids

Wet gas meter dry diaphragm meter

  • State the use of dry diaphragm meter and digital wet gas meter
  • Construction


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