Vskills Certified Three wheeler Mechanic Table of Content

Table of Content

Steering and suspension systems

Steering system & function of each part

Suspension systems

Suspension and its effect on steering

Steering Geometry

Ackerman steering and its purpose


King pin inclination/SA

Turning angle

Included angle

Set back

Thrust angle

Pre alignment inspection

Need for pre alignment inspection/checks

Tyre inspection

Tyre air pressure

Unbalanced right and left tyre wear, size difference

Tyre run-out

Front component inspection

Rear component inspection

Two Wheel and four wheel Alignment

Alignment Problems

Steering pull

Off-center steering wheel

Steering shimmy

Excessive steering effort

Steering wander

Memory steer

Bump steer

Possible causes include

Torque steer

Alignment diagnostics chart

Steering problem diagnostic chart

Computereised wheel alignment Procedure

Wheel alignment is necessary to

Wheel balancing is necessary to

Wheel aligmeny procedure

Wheel Balancing

Meaning of balance

Causes of effect of imbalance, vibration

Sources of vibration

Identifying and eliminating vibration

Sources of Imbalance  

Vibration diagnosis

Steering wheel shake




Types of Imbalance

Static imbalance

Dynamic Imbalance

Tyre Runout

Wheel balancer

Procedure for Balancing the Tyre, Rim and Assembly

Operating procedure

Reasons for more Inbalance

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