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Vskills Certified Refrigerater and Deep Freezer Mechanic Table of Content

Table of Content


Common Basic refrigeration tools, copper tube cutting and bending method

  • Flaring tool with yoke
  • Tube cutter
  • Pipe bending tool
  • Swaging tools
  • Pinching tools
  • Compound gauge
  • Leak detects
  • Types of tubing
  • Tube cutting
  • Bending tubing
  • General and safety precautions
  • Prohibition signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Warning signs questions about your safety

Swaging, flaring, pinching and brazing technique

  • Swaging on copper tubing
  • How to use a brazing torch
  • Kerosene blow lamp
  • Silver brazing
  • Flux
  • Braze copper with MS tube
  • Flaring necessity
  • Types of flaring
  • Flared tubing fittings
  • Pressurising the joint on tubing
  • Pinching description
  • Brazing
  • Test of leaks
  • Refrigeration cycle
  • Classification of refrigeration system
  • Refrigeration and reverse refrigeration system
  • Heat energy

Conventional and frost free refrigerators

  • Refrigeration
  • Conventional refrigeration
  • Compressor
  • Parts of a conventional refrigerator
  • Controls of a conventional refrigerators and frost free refrigerators
  • Difference between the conventional type and  frost free refrigerator
  • Refrigerants
  • Identifing refrigerants by number
  • Other numbering codes
  • Classification according to toxicity & flammability
  • Other classification
  • Environmental impact of cfc & other refrigerants
  • Ozone depleting potential
  • Cylinder volume
  • Global warming potential
  • Phase out of CFCs
  • Refrigerants cylinders and valves

Details of electrical components in refrigerators  

  • Relay
  • Over load protector
  • Compressor winding
  • Types of electrical supply (voltage)
  • Type of current
  • AC supply
  • Alternating voltage
  • Identification of instruments from the data given on the dial

Electrical parts in frost free refrigerator

  • The electrical parts in ‘frost free refrigerator’
  • Function of compressor
  • Relay and overload protector
  • Cooling coil fan motor
  • Timer switch
  • Fan motor connection will cut off by timer switch
  • Testing method of thermostat
  • Electrical circuit of CSIR

Wiring circuit of deep freezer

  • Types of deep freezers
  • Function of electrical components
  • Describe overload protector and its function
  • Describe the function of defrost timer
  • Different types of wiring diagrams
  • Safety precautions (when handling electrical circuits in a deep freezer)

Detail of Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator
  • Refrigerator capacity
  • Conventional refrigerator
  • Frost free refrigerator
  • Refrigerator door
  • Capacity selection of refrigerator for different application
  • Defrost temperature controls of frost free refrigerators
  • Defrost controls
  • Damper control adjustment

Periodic service of deep freezer

  • Importance of servicing deep freezer
  • Servicing of electrical components

Leak arresting and testing methods

  • For leak spot there are two kind of welding (brazing)
  • Leak testing methods
  • Leak testing instruments
  • Test pressure

Evacuation method in refrigeration

  • Need of vacuum
  • Vacuumising methods
  • Vacuum level
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Accessories

Refrigerant charging methods

  • Refrigerant charging
  • Methods of refrigerant charging
  • Charging accessories
  • Charging cylinder
  • Charging board
  • Refrigerant containers/cylinders
  • Automatic refrigerant charging meter
  • Important instruction before charging
  • System performance
  • Setting high and low pressures

Recovery of gas and service of HFC 134a – Refrigerator

  • Recovery of refrigerants
  • Methods of recovery
  • Active methods of recovery
  • Special recovery cylinders
  • Recovery & Recycling machine
  • How to service direct cooled HFC 134a refrigerator
  • Evaporator and condenser in HFC 134a refrigerator
  • Replacement of thermostat

Hydrocarbon refrigerants – retrofitting deep freezer

  • Properties of HC refrigererants
  • Handling HC cylinders
  • Hydrocarbons as refrigerants
  • HC blend refrigerantscan substitute CFC 12
  • Handling of zeotropic blends and their characteristic

Defects in frost free refrigerator – “Poor Cooling”

  • Symptom “Poor cooling”

‘No cooling’ of deep freezer

  • Cause analysis
  • Analysis cause behind the defects
  • Ways to rectify ‘No cooling’
  • Steps to be taken prevent ‘No cooling’

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