Vskills Certified Power Tiller Mechanic Table of Content

Table of Content


Tools for maintenance of Power Tiller

  • Tools
  • Combination Pliers
  • Care and maintenance of pliers
  • Screw drivers
  • Screwdrivers-Philips
  • Care and maintenance
  • Ring spanner
  • Adjustable spanner Care and maintenance of spanners
  •  Double ended spanner
  • Steel rule
  • Allen Key
  • Screw Jack
  • Hammer
  • Hang file
  • Grease gun
  • Oil can
  • Wheel spanner

Different system of power tiller

  • General construction of power tiller
  • Engine of power tiller
  • Wheels
  • Hitching device
  • Power transmitting system
  • Clutch
  • Transmission gears

Construction detail of power tiller

  • Engine
  • Power outlet
  • Power transmission system
  • Rotary tiller

Adjustment of clutch assembly

  • Adjusting the main clutch
  • Adjusting the steering clutch

Repair and adjustment of transmission system

  • State the checking nd repairing of gear box

Rotary drive

  • Rotary tiller and arrangement
  • Construction of rotary drive

Steering system and brake repair and adjustment

  • Repair of brake handle
  • Repair of steering handle
  • Adjustment

Power tiller-operation

  • Operation of power tiller
  • Main clutch lever
  • Speed change lever

Roatory speed change

  • Steering clutch
  • Method o of routry tilling
  • Plane tilling
  • Pudding

Power tiller-maintenance

  • Care at the running in period
  • Check and care of engine
  • Lubrication in the operting parts
  • Air cleaner maintenace
  • Tyrechange
  • Gear box lubricantion
  • Safety and proper use
  • Storage
  • Long storage

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