Vskills Certified Junior Welder Table of Content

Table of Content

Types of welding processes and application

Oxy-acetylene welding plant- description, operating procedures, safety

  • Safety precautions in handing oxy-acetylene gas welding plant
  • Flashback and backfire

Types of oxy-acetylene flames and their uses

  • Types of metals and Charcteristice
  • Properties of metals
  • Identification of different metals in workshop tests and their characteristics
  • Chemistry of oxy-acetylene flame
  • Gases used for welding and gas flame combinations

Basic electricity as applied to welding

  • Shielded metal arc welding, its advantages and limitations
  • Arc welding machines
  • Arc welding accessories and tools

Safety precautions in manual metal arc welding

  • Principle of welding arc, its characteristics and Arc length
  • Arc length and its effects
  • Metal transfer across the arc (Characteristics of arc)

Welding technique of oxy-acetylene welding

  • Rightward technique of oxy-acetylene gas welding
  • Filler rods used in gas welding
  • Filler rods for gas welding

Welding regulator

  • Welding blowpipe

Types of welding joints and edge preparations

  • Types of welds
  • Methods of cleaning the base metals before welding
  • Edge preparation
  • Welding positions and their significance

Principle of oxy Acetylene cutting process

  • Oxy-acetylene cutting equipment and selection of blow pipe size pressure setting for various thicknesses of MS plates

Polarity in DC Arc welding – types and application

  • Types and functions of smaw electrodes and coating factor
  • MS Welding Electrodes
  • Coding of SMAW electrodes as per BIS/AWS

Choice and storage of electrodes

Metal and their Weldability

Soldering, brazing

Silver soldering

  • Faults in gas welding
  • Weld defects- Causes and remedies
  • Defects in Arc welding – its effect
  • Defects in Arc welding – definition, causes and remedies

Arc blow and its control

Distortion and methods of control

  • Distortion in gas welding

Necessity of preheating and post heating while welding alloy steels

  • Welding of low, medium and high carbon steels by arc
  • Welding method of low carbon steel and medium carbon steel

Inspection and testing of welding

  • Effect of variations in welding procedure on the welds in SMAW
  • Methods of Non- destructive tests
  • Destructive test

Arc power source, AC Transformers, DC welding generator, DC welding rectifiers and features

  • Advantage and disadvantages of AC and DC welding


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