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Certified House Wiring Electrician

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Vskills has developed a new strategic framework for Skill Development for early school leavers and existing workers, especially in the unorganized sector to improve their employability called Trade Employable Skills (TES).

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To demonstrate clear understanding and practical aspects and to get a visible recognition for this knowledge.

Table of Content

Practice Test

Companies that hire House wiring Electrician

All small and medium companies need certified employees who have the requisite skills. There are more jobs opening up in the economy on a regular basis with the fast growth of the country.

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Wireman’s tools

  • Care and maintenance of pliers
  • 6 Screwdriver BIS 844 
  • Screwdriver – Philips 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 7 Neon tester BIS 5579 – 1985 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 8 Electrician’s knife (Double blade) 
  • 10 Hammer ball pein
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 11 Try –square (engineer’s square) 
  • 12 Firmer Chisel 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 13 Tenon - saw 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 14 Wood rasp file 
  • 15 File 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 16 Plumb bob 
  • Care and maintenance
  • 17 Bradawl square pointed (or poker)
  • 18 Gimlet
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 19 Center punch 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 20 Mallet 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 21 Ratchet brace 
  • 22 Flat cold chisel
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 23 Rawl plug tool and big 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 24 Ring spanner set 
  • 26 Socket (box )spanner 
  • 27 Single ended open jaw adjustable spanner (Fig 27)BIS 
  • 6149 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 28measuring steel tape (Fig 28)
  • Care and maintenance
  • 29 Hacksaw 
  • 1977 for blades 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 30 Pincers 
  • Care and maintenance 
  • 31 Hand drill 
  • 32 Portable Electric drilling Machine 
  • Care and maintenance 

Electrical Wiring Accessories 

  • Electrical accessories 
  • Rating accessories
  • Construction of accessories 
  • Mounting of accessories 
  • Surface mounting type 
  • Flush-mounting type 
  • Controlling accessories 
  • Types of switches according to their function and place of use
  • Single pole ,one –way switch
  • Single pole ,two –may switch 
  • Intermediate switch 
  • Bell –push or push-button switch
  • Pull or ceiling switch (Pendent switch)
  • Double pole iron –clad main switch
  • Triple (three)pole iron –clad main switch 
  • Holding accessories 
  • Lamp –holders
  • Bayonet cap lamp –holders 
  • Batten lamp –holders 
  • Angle holders
  • Bracket holders
  • Tube light or fluorescent lamp –holders
  • Edison screw –type lamp –holders
  • Goliath Edison screw-type holders
  • Specification of a lamp –holders 
  • Safety accessories 
  • Types of fuses
  • Kit –kit type fuse
  • Advantages
  • Iron – clad fuse cut outs 
  • Outlet accessories
  • Socket outlet current rating
  • General accessories 
  • Appliance connectors or iron connectors
  • Adaptor 
  • Ceiling roses 
  • Connectors 
  • Distribution board 
  • Neutral link 
  • B.I.S Symbols used for electrical accessories

Cable termination connection

  • Crimp connection 
  • Screw on terminals with loop/ring conductor
  • Connections and terminals 

Joints in electrical conductors

  • Definition 
  • Some of the commonly used joints are listed below
  • Pig –rail/rat-tail /twisted joint 
  • Married joint 
  • Tee joint 
  • Britannia Joint 
  • Britannia Tee joint 
  • Western union joint 
  • Scarfed joint 
  • Tap joint in single stranded conductors of diameter 2mm or less
  • Plain tap joint 
  • Aerial tap joint 
  • Knotted tap joint 
  • Duplex –cross tap joint
  • Double –cross tap joint 

Current carrying capacity of copper & aluminium cables and comparison between solid and stranded cables 

  • Selection of cables 
  • Current rating of cables based on type of protection
  • Coarse excess current protection
  • Close excess current protection 
  • Devices include
  • Rating factor with respect to protection 

Precautions to be observed while using Aluminum cables

  • Selection of conduit for installation
  • Handling 
  • Skinning of cables 
  • Connecting the cable ends 
  • Contact area of the grub screws used in accessories may be less
  • Oxide scale formation on aluminium conductors
  • Galvanic corrosion can be avoided by 
  • Loose connection due to dissimilar metals and tem- perature

Mounting accessories-NE code-Specification of wooden board and blocks for wiring

  • Specification of commercially available boards, round blocks for mounting electrical accessories 
  • Size of the board
  • System of wiring
  • Place of wiring
  • Place of wiring
  • Specification for blocks and boards
  • T W round blocks
  • T W boards

Mounting accessories through and of pilot holes-wood machine screw specifications

  • Determining the through hole size according the cable size and number of cables
  • Method of making pilot holes in wood using bradawl and gimlet
  • Select the correct size of drill or pilot holes
  • Drill holes to correct depth
  • Wood screws
  • Types of wood screws
  • Slotted round head wood screws
  • Slotted raised countersunk head wood screws
  • Designation of wood screws
  • Selection of the correct type, size and length of screws
  • In softwood
  • In hardwood
  • Precautions to be adopted while fixing wood screws
  • Advantages of screws over nails
  • Machine screws 
  • Screw heads
  • Types of Machine screws
  • Metric threaded screws
  • BA (British association) threaded screws
  • Unified National threaded screws (UNF)
  • Self-tapping screws

Diagrams and systems used in domestic installation

  • Layout diagram 
  • Installation plan 
  • Circuit diagram 
  • Wiring diagram 

B I S Regulations, recommendations and NE code pertaining to wiring installations

  • B I S regulation pertaining wiring installations
  • Fittings and accessories 
  • Sub-circuits-different types
  • Light and fan sub-circuits
  • Power sub-circuits
  • Lighting 
  • Socket outlets 
  • Fans
  • Flexible cords
  • Flexible cords shall not be used in following cases
  • Mounting levels of the accessories and cables as recommended in B I S and NEC

Method of marking the layout for wiring

  • Plumb-bob (Marking true vertical line)
  • Spirit level (Marking true horizontal line)
  • Water level
  • Marking of layout
  • Marking o true vertical runs
  • Marking ‘true’ horizontal runs
  • Measuring off horizontal and vertical runs
  • Marking cable runs on the ceiling 

PVC Channel (casing and capping) wiring

Fabricating a right-angled vertical bend
Fabricating 90 bend
Fabricating a tee junction
Installation of cables
Attachment of cover
Earth continuity conductor 

Earthing - Method, Regulations and Recommendations

  • System Earthing
  • Equipment Earthing
  • Terminology
  • Apparatus
  • Bonding
  • Damp situation
  • Dead
  • Earth
  • Earth-continuity conductor (ECC)
  • Earth current
  • Earth electrode
  • Earth fault
  • Earth (earthing) terminal
  • Earth wire
  • Earthed circuit
  • Earthed pole 
  • Earthed system 
  • Earthed lead 
  • Earthing ring (or earth bus)
  • Earthing resistor (earthing resistance) 
  • Fault
  • Fault current 
  • Double insulation
  • Functional insulation
  • Reinforced insulation (protective insulation)
  • Leakage
  • Leakage current
  • Live
  • Multiple-earthed neutral system
  • Potential (at a point)
  • Resistance area (of and earth electrode only)
  • Service line
  • Step potential
  • Touch potential 
  • Reasons for earthing 
  • Types of earth electrodes
  • Rod and pipe electrodes

I.E.E. Regulations pertaining to earthing

  • I.E. Rules pertaining to earthing
  • Provisions applicable to medium, high or extra high voltage installations
  • Systems at medium voltage
  • Connection with earth
  • Guarding 
  • Earthing

Domestic wiring-use of rawl jumper, plugs, wooden gutties and pipe jumpers on brick/concrete walls

  • Rawl jumper 
  • Types of filler materials 
  • Shape of the wooden guttie
  • Method of fixing 
  • Pipe jumper
  • Preparing the pipe jumper

Energy meters-symbol-internal connection-N.E. code of practice and I.E. rules of energy meter installation

  • Precautions while installing energy meters
  • Installation
  • General Instructions

Errors in energy meters

  • Incorrect magnitude of fluxes
  • Incorrect phase angles
  • Lack of symmetry in magnetic circuit
  • Errors caused by the braking system
  • Preliminary light load adjustment 
  • Full load unity power factor adjustment 
  • Lag adjustments (Low power factor adjustments)
  • Rated supply voltage
  • Full load unity power factor 
  • The performance 
  • Creep adjustment

Testing a domestic wiring installation

  • Inspection of the installation
  • Lighting circuits
  • Testing of installation
  • Continuity or open circuit test 
  • Polarity test
  • Insulation resistance between conductors and earth

Inspection and test of wiring installation-Method of improving the condition-Regulations

  • I.E. Regulations

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