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Vskills Certified Hand Embroider Table of Content

Table of Content

Importance of hand embroider

  • Importance
  • Fabric
  • Embroider frame
  • Needles
  • Thimble
  • Thread
  • Needle threader
  • Stiletto
  •  Scissor
  • Chenille
  • Direct drawing method
  • Using transfer paper
  • Using carbon paper
  • Using a glass plate and light
  • Using a tracing wheel
  • Running stitch method

Basic stitches forembroider

  • Running stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Stem stitch

Chain stitches

  • Chain stitches
  • Cable stitches

Blanket stitches

  • Buttonhole stitch
  • Closed Buttonhole stitch

Herring bone stitch

  • Herring bone stitch
  • Double herring stitch

Cross stitches                                      

  • Cross stitch
  • Holbein stitch

Lazy daizy

  • Lazy daizy
  • Double lazy daizy

Knotted stitch

  • French knot
  • Bullion knot

Composite stitches

  • Wheat ear stitch
  • Fly stitch

Feather stitches

  • Feather stitch
  • Double feather stitch

Satin stitch

  • Satin stitch
  • Raised satin

Fishbone stitch and couching work

  • Fishbone
  • Couching work

Eyelet hole

  • Eyelet hole
  • Cutwork


Geometrical design

Shaded work

Zardozi work

Ribbon work

Beed work

Mirror work

Sequins work

Lettering and monogram

  • Lettering
  • Monogram

Shadow work

  • Know about shadow work.
  • Gain knowledge of double back stitch.


  • Gain knowledge of smoking.
  • Known about the method of doing and application of smocking.

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