Vskills Certified Chemical Plant Lab Attendant Table of Content

Table of Content


Basic Math Skills
- Unit conversions
- Calculations for dilutions and concentrations

Basic Chemistry
- Chemical nomenclature
- Stoichiometry
- Chemical reactions

- Understanding and basic operation of lab instruments such as pH meters, balances, etc.

Safety Procedures
- Hazardous materials handling
- Personal protective equipment (PPE)
- Emergency response procedures

Laboratory Equipment
- Proper use and maintenance of equipment
- Calibration and validation procedures

Chemical Handling
- Chemical storage and labeling
- Chemical inventory management

Analytical Techniques
- Sample preparation
- Spectroscopic techniques
- Chromatographic techniques

Quality Control
- Quality assurance principles
- Documentation and record keeping

Environmental Regulations
- Compliance with environmental regulations
- Waste management practices

Communication Skills
- Effective communication in a lab setting
- Report writing

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