Vskills Certified Bicycle Mechanic Table of Content



Safety –Ruls and Traffic symbols for 2 Wheelers

  • Road Safety Precautions

Functions of Different Parts of Bicycle and Tricycle

  • Free Wheel
  • Cone and steel balls
  • Pedal
  • Steering Cone
  • Spokes
  • Brake
  • Brakes Work
  • Fork

Procedure For Puncture Repair

  • Puncture

Method of Testing for Air Leakages

TyreInflator and Its Uses

  • Bicycle Pump and Tyre Inflator
  • Stand Pump
  • Hand Pump
  • Foot Pumps

Tube Valve Assembly and its Function

  • Safety Precautions in Puncture Repair

Working Steps on Dismantling and Assenbling

  • Handle bar
  • Steering assembly
  • Fork assembly
  • Drive system
  • Tricycle

Method of Aligning the Wheel and Balancing

  • Probable Cause Effect remedy of Faults in Brake Systems, Steering Systems, Wheels and Drive System
  • Maintenance Schedule and Procedure for Bicycle and Tricyle

Criteria for Preparation of an Estimate, Various Types of Costs (Fixed and Variable Cost) Profit Calculation of Total Estimated Cost

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