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Certified Subversion Version Control Table of Contents

Table of Content


Fundamental Concepts

  •  Version Control Basics
  •  Version Control the Subversion Way

Basic Usage

  •  Getting Data into Your Repository
  •  Creating a Working Copy
  •  Basic Work Cycle
  •  Examining History
  •  Sometimes You Just Need to Clean Up
  •  Dealing with Structural Conflicts

Advanced Topics

  •  Revision Specifiers
  •  Peg and Operative Revisions
  •  File Portability
  •  Ignoring Unversioned Items
  •  Keyword Substitution
  •  Sparse Directories
  •  Locking
  •  Externals Definitions
  •  Changelists
  •  Network Model

Branching and Merging

  •  What's a Branch?
  •  Using Branches
  •  Basic Merging
  •  Advanced Merging
  •  Traversing Branches
  •  Tags
  •  Branch Maintenance
  •  Common Branching Patterns
  •  Vendor Branches
  •  To Branch or Not to Branch?

Repository Administration

  •  The Subversion Repository, Defined
  •  Strategies for Repository Deployment
  •  Creating and Configuring Your Repository
  •  Repository Maintenance
  •  Moving and Removing Repositories

Server Configuration

  •  Overview
  •  Choosing a Server Configuration
  •  svnserve, a Custom Server
  •  httpsd, the Apache HTTP Server
  •  Path-Based Authorization
  •  High-level Logging
  •  Server Optimization
  •  Supporting Multiple Repository Access Methods

Customizing Your Subversion Experience

  •  Runtime Configuration Area
  •  Localization
  •  Using External Editors
  •  Using External Differencing and Merge Tools

Embedding Subversion

  •  Layered Library Design
  •  Using the APIs


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