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Options Trader Table of Contents

Table of Content



  •  Indian Derivatives Market: An Overview    
  •  What are Derivatives?
  •  Evolution of Derivatives Market
  •  Types of Derivatives

 Understanding Options

  •  Options: An Overview
  •  Types of Options
  •  Advantages of Options
  •  Trading System
  •  Procedure for Margin Collection
  •  Types of Orders
  •  Settlement Schedule for Option Contracts
  •  Settlement Mechanism
  •  Writing of Options

 Option Trading

  •  Market-wide Limits

 Price Index

  •  What is Index?
  •  Eligibility Criteria of Indices
  •  Construction of Index
  •  Desirable Attributes of an Index

 Pricing Of Options

  •  Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
  •  Pricing of Equity Options
  •  Pricing of Options on Dividend Paying Scripts
  •  Binomial Model of Option Pricing
  •  Pricing of Binomial Put Option
  •  Binomial Multiple Period Model

 Strategic Derivative Tools

  •  Put-call Parity
  •  PC Ratio
  •  Weighted PC Ratio
  •  Volume PC Ratio

 Tools to Measure Market Sentiment

  •  Volatility

 Types of Volatility

  •  Estimating Volatility
  •  Estimating Historical Volatility
  •  Factors Affecting the Computation of Historical Volatility
  •  Implied Volatility
  •  Volatility Smile
  •  GARCH
  •  Impacts of Implied Volatility and Underlying Asset Price on Purchase of Options
  •  Volatility Trading
  •  NSE Volatility Index
  •  Behavioral Study of Nifty Options Distress
  •  Impacts of Events on Volatility-A Case Study
  •  Comparative Study of the Behavior of Nifty and IT Stocks During an Event
  •  Impact of Quarterly on Stock Futures
  •  Volatility Skew
  •  Stochastic Volatility
  •  Volatility Arbitrage
  •  Volatility Change

 Option Greeks

  •  Delta
  •  Gamma
  •  Vega
  •  Theta
  •  Rho

 Option Trading Strategies

  •  Advantages of Strategies
  •  Buying Put Option
  •  Bear Spread with Puts
  •  Long Put Ratio Spread
  •  Bear Spread with Call
  •  Synthetic Short
  •  Short Put Ladder
  •  Long Combo
  •  Long Call Christmas Trees
  •  Short Put Albatross
  •  Short Straddle versus Put
  •  Short Strip with Calls
  •  Long Guts
  •  Long Call Ladder
  •  Long Iron Butterfly
  •  Long Put Spread versus Short Call
  •  Basic Option Strategies
  •  Trading Strategy Adopted by Nick Leeson
  •  Short Straddle
  •  Long Straddle
  •  Covered Call Writing
  •  Probability
  •  Spread Trading
  •  Contango and Backwardation
  •  Trading Strategies with Long -Term Options
  •  Portfolio Hedging by Call Writing Portfolio Hedging Through Delta Hedge
  •  Diagonal Spread

 Market Information

  •  Introduction

 Risk In Derivatives

  •  Risk in Options
  •  Is Writing Options a High Risky Strategy?
  •  Classification of Risks
  •  Elimination of Market Risk through Hedging

 Accounting And Taxation Of Option Trading

  •  Accounting Norms for Equity and Index Options
  •  Charges in F&O Segment
  •  Taxation of Derivatives
  •  Income Tax

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