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Certified Router Support Professional EIGRP Summary and Comparisons with OSPF

EIGRP Summary and Comparisons with OSPF

EIGRP supports Novell’s IPX and Apple’s AppleTalk Layer 3 protocols.  Routers can run EIGRP to learn IP routes, IPX routes, and AppleTalk routes, with the same performance and features.

Converges quickly Yes Yes
Built-in loop prevention Yes Yes
Sends partial routing updates, advertising only new or changed information Yes Yes
Classless; therefore, supports manual summarization and VLSM Yes Yes
Allows manual summarization at any router Yes No
Sends routing information using IP multicast on LANs Yes Yes
Uses the concept of a designated router on a LAN No Yes
Flexible network design with no need to create areas Yes No
Supports both equal-metric and unequal-metric load balancing Yes No
Robust metric based on bandwidth and delay Yes No
Can advertise IP, IPX, and AppleTalk routes Yes No
Public standard No Yes