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Certified Performance Appraisal Manager Table of Contents

Table of Content


  • Overview of performance appraisal
  • Necessity of Performance Appraisal
  • Pitfalls of Performance Appraisal System
  • Practice of Self-evaluation
  • Traditional Methods of Performance Appraisal
  • Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
  • Factors affecting performance appraisal
  • Responsibility of the Appraiser
Process of Performance Appraisal
  • Understanding organizations expectations
  • Process of monitoring appraisal system
Performance Planning and Execution
  • Introduction
  • Setting goal and objectives
  • Tracking employee's performance
  • Performance motivation
Job Structure
  • Job Specification
  • Job Description
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Evaluation
  • Job Design
  • Job Specialization
  • Job Rotation and Loading
  • Job Security
  • Job Enrichment and Enlargement
  • Job Sharing and Satisfaction
Performance Assessment and Review
  • Process of performance assessment
  • Factors affecting performance assessment
  • Evaluating performance information
  • Rating scales and rating errors
  • Preparing appraisal report
  • Conducting review
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Establishing successful close
Performance Appraisal Form
  • Setting core competencies
  • Designing appraisal form
  • Assignments of weights
  • Rating system
Interview Skills
  • Competency based interview
  • Performance review skills
  • Annual review interview techniques
  • Behavioral interview
  • Role profiling methods
  • Feedback techniques
Performance based Compensation
  • Theory of compensation
  • Methods of compensation
  • Pay Package System
  • Concept of wage
  • Wage Policy in India
  • Compensation structure
Performance Counseling
  • Need for counseling and counseling pattern
  • Effective counseling skills
  • Understanding desired and actual performance
  • Factors affecting individual's development
  • Preparing development plans
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Appraising performance
  • Appraisal discussion
  • Appreciation and Criticism
Human Resource Management (HRM) System
  • Elements of HRM system
  • HRM practices
  • HRM strategies
  • Pay/Organization system
Leadership and Motivation
  • Classifying needs
  • Need prioritization
  • Theory of motivation
  • Leadership styles
  • Characteristics of a good leader
Effective Communication
  • Technical aspects of communication process
  • Avoiding communication failures
  • Effective communication skills
  • Workplace communication

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