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Useful File Functions

Following are the Useful File Functions of PHP

  • basename â€” Returns trailing name component of path
  • chgrp â€” Changes file group
  • chmod â€” Changes file mode
  • chown â€” Changes file owner
  • clearstatcache â€” Clears file status cache
  • copy â€” Copies file
  • delete â€” See unlink or unset
  • dirname â€” Returns parent directory’s path
  • disk_free_space â€” Returns available space on filesystem or disk partition
  • disk_total_space â€” Returns the total size of a filesystem or disk partition
  • diskfreespace â€” Alias of disk_free_space
  • fclose â€” Closes an open file pointer
  • feof â€” Tests for end-of-file on a file pointer
  • fflush â€” Flushes the output to a file

The detailed list can be checked below: