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Certified IT Support Professional Learning Resources Troubleshooting principle

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Troubleshooting principle

Usually many principles are followed but following troubleshooting principles help to resolve provlem at hand

  1. Consciously use a logical method. Focus on  how you’re attacking the problem.
  2. Suppress any assumptions. Intuitive leaps often land in the mud.
  3. Only change one variable at a time. Follow this to find the root cause of a problem.
  4. Trust, but verify, problem evidence. Get a clear and thorough description of the symptoms.
  5. Document your steps early in tough issues. This step is essential to logically eliminating all the potential causes.

Troubleshooting a computer fault involves basic steps which fall into one or more of the following categories, usually in the order they are displayed below:

  • hardware troubleshooting
  • network troubleshooting
  • errors in program execution due to the operating system
  • software troubleshooting