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Dynamic page support

HTML 5 was developed to help Web application developers, so there are a lot of new features to make it easy to create dynamic HTML pages:

  • Context menus - HTML 5 will support the creation and use of context menus within Web pages and applications
  • href is not required on a tag - this allows you to use the a tag with scripts and in Web applications without needing a place to send that anchor
  • async attribute - This is added to the script tag to tell the browser that the script should be loaded asynchronously so that it doesn't slow down the load and display of the rest of the page.
  • - provides details about an element. This would be like tooltips in non-Web applications.
  • - creates a table that is built from a database or other dynamic source
  • - an old tag brought back and given new life allowing you to create a menu system on your Web pages
  • - defines actions that should happen when a dynamic element is activated
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