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noframes tag

If a user is using any old browser or any browser which does not support frames then element should be displayed to the user.</p> <p>In XHTML you must place a <body> element inside the <noframes> element because the <frameset> element is supposed to replace the <body> element, but if a browser does not understand the <frameset> element it should understand what is inside the <body> element contained in the <noframes> element.</p> <p>You can put some nice message for your user having old browsers. For example <i>Sorry!! your browser does not support frames.</i></p> </div> </div> </div> <footer class="site-footer"> <div class="footer-top"> <div class="container-fluid clearfix"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-2 widget border-0"> <h5 class="footer-title">Vskills</h5> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="">About us</a></li> <li><a href="">FAQ's</a></li> <li><a href="">Academic Council</a></li> <li><a href="">Our Partner Institutions</a></li> <li><a href="">Vskills in Media</a></li> <li><a href="">Student Initiative</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-2 widget border-0"> <h5 class="footer-title">My Account</h5> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="">My Account</a></li> <li><a href="">Order History</a></li> <li><a href="">Wish List</a></li> <li><a href="">Newsletter</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-2 widget border-0"> <h5 class="footer-title">Customer Service</h5> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="">Contact Us</a></li> <li><a href="">Privacy Policy</a></li> <li><a href="">Terms and conditions</a></li> <li><a href="">Returns and Refund Policy</a></li> <li><a href="">Shipping and Delivery Policy</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-6 widget border-0"> <h5 class="footer-title">Popular Links</h5> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-4"> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="" title="">Why Vskills?</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">How it Works</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Register Now</a></li> <li><a href="" title="Rescheduling the exam">Exam Reschedule</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Exam-Retake</a></li> <li><a href="">Vskills Certificate Re-issuance</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-4"> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="" title="">Practice Test</a></li> <li><a href="" title="Alumni of Vskills ">Vskills Alumni</a></li> <li><a href="" title="Testimonials">Testimonials</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Third Party Assessments</a></li> <li><a href="" title="Bulk Certifications for institutes and companies">Bulk Certifications</a></li> <li><a href="">Value of Vskills Certification</a></li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-4"> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li><a href="" title="">Tagging at Monster India</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Tagging at Shine</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Sample Certificate</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Certified Candidates</a></li> <li><a href="" title="">Vskills Registration Centre</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!-- footer bottom part --> <div class="footer-bottom"> <div class="container-fluid clearfix"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-6"><p>copyright © 2020 Vskills</p></div> <div class="col-sm-6 text-right"><p>Developed by <a style="text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank" href="">Highpixel</a></p></div> </div> <div class="row d-none"> <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6 text-right "> <div class="widget-link"> <ul> <li><a href="javascript:void(0);"> About</a></li> <li><a href="javascript:void(0);"> Help Desk</a></li> <li><a href="javascript:void(0);"> Privacy Policy</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </footer> <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-HzLeBuhoNPvSl5KYnjx0BT+WB0QEEqLprO+NBkkk5gbc67FTaL7XIGa2w1L0Xbgc" crossorigin="anonymous"> <?php if(HTTP_SERVER != 'http://localhost/vskills/') { ?> <!--Start of Zopim Live Chat Script--> <script async type="text/javascript"> window.$zopim||(function(d,s){var z=$zopim=function(c){z._.push(c)},$=z.s= d.createElement(s),e=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];z.set=function(o){z.set. _.push(o)};z._=[];z.set._=[];$.async=!0;$.setAttribute("charset","utf-8"); $.src="//";z.t=+new Date;$. type="text/javascript";e.parentNode.insertBefore($,e)})(document,"script"); </script> <!--End of Zopim Live Chat Script--> <?php } ?> </body></html>