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Certified Business Intelligence Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


  • Evolution
  • Need and benefits
  • Technical terms
  • BI life cycle and management systems functions
  • ERP and BI
  • SCM and BI
  • E-commerce and BI
Data Management
  • Data Management
  • Reporting and Querying
  • BI and MDM
  • Knowledge Management
OLAP (Online analytical processing)
  • Evolution, Features and functions
  • Multidimensional analysis
  • Data drill-in and drill-up
  • OLAP Models (ROLAP and MOLAP) and applications
  • EIS
  • KPI
  • BI Dashboard
Data Warehousing
  • Dimensional modeling and metadata
  • ETL
Data Analytics
  • Concepts and terminologies
  • Techniques used (neural network, statistics, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms
Value Proposition
  • Business intelligence economics
  • Cost Matrix, SLA and ROI
  • Risk Mitigation
Requirement Assessment
  • Business problem assessment
  • Focusing pertinent information
  • Desired outcome specification
  • Data and architecture design
  • Hardware and Software Selection
  • Generate data warehouse matrix
  • Dimensional modeling and ETL
  • Physical Design
  • Physical Storage (SAN, RAID, etc.)
  • Indexing (B-Tree, Clustered, etc.)
  • Data partitioning and clustering for performance
  • Analytics criteria selection
  • OLAP tools and data slicing or dicing
  • Security Policy, user privileges and security tools
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Monitoring and managing data growth
Performance Measurement
  • Observing dashboards
  • Assessing KPI and scorecard
Advanced BI
  • Future Trends
  • Case Studies

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