Waste Analysis

Waste Analysis

Waste Analysis- Lean Six Sigma is a leadership methodology that was designed to span project management, quality, supply chain, innovation, and team effectiveness. It has been recognized globally for its contributions to the improvement of business processes in many sectors. One important area that is examined using Lean Six Sigma is waste.

Eliminating waste is a common goal of project managers, and Lean Six Sigma can be used to make it happen. There are several common areas where waste is concerned, all of which are considered important and must be addressed.

It is important to note that waste can manifest itself in a number of ways. First, there can be waste associated with re-learning when knowledge is rarely applied or and where value is lost and subject to obsolescence.

Over-analysis is associated with waste. The goal from a Lean perspective would be to respond to each opportunity with the right resources in order to meet the need. Where Six Sigma is concerned, treat each problem equally. Data charts and statistical analysis will substitute for some of the clear thinking creativity used to solve a wealth of other problems.

If businesses can view the information in a way that makes it easy to analyze and understand, team members will be better equipped to put the right results in place. Another aspect that should be considered is the waste of idle resources. It’s all about who is participating in lean project management. The truth is not very many people do participate when you stop to consider the sheer number of employees out there. That is why it is important to utilize the resources you have and treat them with the proper care they deserve.

Wait time can drain productivity. It includes:

  • waiting for project resources,
  • waiting for data,
  • and waiting for decisions to be made.

Because of this, the most expensive resource in deployments can be the least productive on a return on investment basis. Waiting time will produce fewer project completions so this should be avoided when at all possible. This can snowball into frustration and costly turn-over. If, however, the proper tools are used, the Lean process can be a very powerful tool that will show a true representation of the overall results.

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