Troubleshooting Notebook

Check Warranty

Manufacturers of notebooks give warranty which often applies to all components in the system, but it can be voided if someone other than an authorized service center services the notebook. Therefore, care should be taken to not to void a warranty. Hence before servicing a notebook, always ask for warranty details. Manufacturer also gives service manual or diagnostic tools which are helpful in problem resolution.

Recovery CD or Partition

Notebook computers are sold with preinstalled OS at the factory called the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which is helpful in reinstallation of OS. Laptops these days come with recovery CDs or recovery partitions to get back the original state of OS which was installed by the manufacturer and they also have all the drivers installed to ease any recovery process.


Standard steps that might be taken in diagnosing a hardware fault on a laptop are

  • Verify AC power (check power LEDs, swap AC adapter) and DC power (use a Multimeter)
  • Toggle the Fn key settings on the keyboard
  • Check whether an LCD cut-off switch has been tripped
  • Verify backlight functionality; check display for dead pixels
  • Check all keys on keyboard
  • Do not recharge often but recharge as per instructions in user manual.
  • Charge and remove battery from notebook if not using for long time, in a cool, dry place.
  • Use OS power-management features or use standby or hibernate mode to conserve power.
  • Blow air for cleaning keyboard to blow out dust or turn laptop upside down and gently shake.
  • If keyboard or touch pad do not work, use a USB mouse or keyboard.
  • Use an external monitor if LCD do not display but power indicator LED is lit.
  • Laptops have three LED lights- power indicator for incoming electrical power, battery indicator for laptop working on battery and HDD indicator light if hard drive is being used.
  • Check electrical connections if battery light lit even with AC power.
  • Follow instructions by manual and should be done by authorized service center or technician.

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