Laptop Upgrading

Depending upon the laptop specification, it may or may not be upgraded in CPU, memory and disk drive. Hence, steps to upgrade memory and CPU are discussed

Notebook Disassembly and Reassembly

Notebook disassembly or reassembly needs special tools. ESD protection is also essential as components are small and sensitive. Screws and nuts are smaller on a notebook so, smaller tools are needed like small head magnetic screwdriver, tweezer and small head wrench. During disassembly, be aware that which screw was taken from which part of notebook is essential and  will be needed during reassembly. Place them on paper so that they do not fall or are lost. Place screws and nuts on a paper or label them while putting on a surface. Disassembly should be as per the details given by the manufacturer in manual. Remove field replaceable unit in the order given by the service manual for notebook.

Reassembly of the notebook is the reverse order of disassembly it so, follow each step carefully. Do not over tighten any screw or nut and no part should be loose, to check loose part, pick it and shake if sound is heard so there is a loose component.

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