Effective Training & Development

Effective Training & Development

Effective Training & Development– Managing the social impact of the organization is the most complex task of management. It is dependent on the management s ability to ‘think through’ the total effectiveness of the organization. An organization can be seen as an effective organization essentially at three levels.

Firstly, the organization is productive i.e. it is able to produce the goods or services it is intended to produce,

Secondly, The organization is efficient i.e. it produces the goods or services with a minimum expenditure of resources particularly the scars resources and Thirdly, the organization has reputation for excellence it has a public image that its goods or services are of a high quality audits management is alert to its responsibilities within and without the organization.

Managerial Effectiveness and Information: The effectiveness of a manager depends on four aspects information skill, vision and motivation.

Information is what the manager learnt in his academic career in training courses, by reading books and periodicals and by listening to authorities and thinkers in the field. This covers three types of information: Functional Information, organizational Information, and Environment Information.

Apart from these three types of information, the manager requires two skills to ensure his effectiveness. 

The first skill is the functional skill i.e. the ability to use the techniques required for operating in his functional area Functional skill differs from functional information. Information can be obtained by reading or listening. Skill needs actual practice over a minimal period of time.

Each functional area has its own skills, Sales manager must know salesmanship, production manager must know machine loading, and materials manager must know inventory control and so on. However there is one skill that all of them require and that is interpersonal skill.

Interpersonal skill is the ability to deal with people. A typical manager is working in a hierarchical set up, consisting of the boss, colleagues and subordinates. Most managers have also to deal with people from outside the organization, i.e. customers, suppliers, government officials etc. The effectiveness of a manager i.e. his ability to get things done obviously depends on how well he can tackle these people.

The effectiveness in Training & Development process will depend on the accuracy of the following:

  • Training need identification
  • Training need assessment
  • Training need justification
  • Budgeting and controlling the cost.
  • Selection of learning process & training methodology
  • Planning, designing & conducting the process
  • Evaluation of programme, the trainee & the feedback records.

Of course, the role of Training & Development specialist cannot be ignored in this process as he is the facilitator and motivator and his perceptions, competence and attitude play an important role in making Training & Development programme really effective and fruitful

How to Ensure Better Transfer of Learning?

Anyone responsible for designing, managing or conducting a program knows the frustration experienced when participants in the program do not cannot or will not apply what supposedly ‘They were taught.” There are many reasons for this lack of transfer, some of which are beyond the control of those who provided the instructions. Often those who can help people apply the learning in the “real world” do not know how, do not agree with what is to be applied or in some other way inhibit rather than support the application process.

In spite of such “real world” conditions, certain factors inhibit effective (proper and consistent) learning transfer that should be dealt with in the formal (academic-clinical) instructional process. These factors include: confirming clear concepts,’ proper use of simulation and enhancing social transmission. Incorporating these three elements into the learning and application process can reduce the often severe loss of learning that occurs when participants move into or return to their responsibilities.

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