The Training Procedure

The Training Procedure

The Training Procedure– One of the better personnel programs to come out World War II was the Training within the Industry (TWI) programme of the War Manpower Commission. This was basically a supervisory training programme to make up for the shortage of civilian supervisory skills during the war.

One of the parts of this programme was the job instruction training course, which was concerned with how to teach? The training procedure discussed below is essentially an adoption of the job instruction training course, which has been proved to have a great value.

The important steps in training procedure are discussed below:

Preparing the Instructor: The instructor must know both the job to be taught and how to teach it. The job must be divided into logical parts so that each can be taught at a proper time without the trainee losing plan. For each part one should have in mind the desired technique of, instruction, that is, whether a particular point is best taught by illustration, demonstration or explanation.

  • A serious and committed instructor must
  • Know the job or subject he is attempting to teach,
  • Have the aptitude and abilities to teach,
  • Have willingness towards the profession,
  • Have a pleasing personality and capacity for leadership, v. have the knowledge of teaching principles and methods.
  • be a permanent student, in the sense that he should equip himself with the latest concepts .and knowledge.

Preparing the Trainee: As in interviewing, the first step in training is to attempt to place the trainee at ease most people are somewhat nervous when approaching an unfamiliar task. Though the instructor may have executed this training procedure, many times he or she never forgets its newness to the trainee. The quality of empathy is a mark of the good instructor.

Getting Ready to Teach: This stage of the programme is class hour teaching involving the following activities:

  • Planning the programme
  • Preparing the instructor’s outline.
  • Do not try to cover too much material.
  • Keeps the session moving along logically?
  • Discuss each item in depth.
  • Repeat, but in different words.
  • Take the material from standardized texts when it is available.
  • When the standardized text is not available, develop the programme and
  • Course content based on group approach. Group consists of employer, skilled employees. Supervisors, trade union leaders and others familiar with job requirements. Group prepares teaching material.’
  • Teach about the standard for the trainee like quality, quantity, waste or scrap, ability to work without supervision, knowledge or procedure, safety
  • Rules, human relations etc.
  • Remember your standard, before you teach.

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