Planning Implementation of Training Plan

Planning Implementation of Training Plan

Planning Implementation of Training Plan– The goal of this phase of your planning is to ensure there are no surprises during the implementation phase of your training.

You must be able to implement the training plan.

  • During your training, how will you be sure that you understand the new information and materials? Periodically conduct a short test, e.g., everyone once in a while, try recall the main points of what you have just learned, test yourself, etc. If you are confused, tell your trainer now.

Will your learning be engaging and enjoyable?

  • Are you sure that you’ll receive the necessary ongoing feedback, coaching, mentoring, etc., during your training and development activities?
  • Information on following will help you sharing feedback, coaching, mentoring, motivating employees, counseling and sustaining morale.

Where will you get necessary administrative support and materials?

  • During implementation, if any changes should be made to your plan, how will they be tracked? How will the plan be redesigned? How will it be communicated and to the right people?
  • Planning Quality Control and Evaluation of Your Training

Plan and Experiences

  • The goal of this phase of your planning is to ensure your plan will indeed meet your training goals in a realistic and efficient fashion.
  • You must know about evaluation of training process and results
  • Who’s in charge of implementing and tracking your overall plan?
  • How will you know if the plan is on track or needs to be changed?
  • Consider having a local training expert review the plan.
  • The expert can review, in particular, whether
  1. Your training goals will provide the results desired by you (and your organization, if applicable), Learning objectives are specific and aligned with your overall training goals,
  2. The best methods are selected for reaching your learning objectives, and
  3. Your approach to evaluation is valid and practical.

Are approaches to evaluation included in all phases of your plan?

For example, are your methods being pretested before being applied? Do you understand the methods as they’re being applied? Are regularly providing feedback about how well you understand the materials? How will you (and your supervisor, if applicable) know if the implementation of the plan achieves the training goals identified in the plan? Are there any plans for follow-up evaluation, including assessing your results several months after you completed your plan

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