Roles/Functions of Treasury Management

Following are the some of the main functions of Treasury Management

  • Cash Management: It involves efficient collection and repayment of cash to both insider and third party.
  • Funding Management: It helps in planning and sourcing firm’s short, medium and long term cash needs. Treasury management assists in capital structuring, forecasting of future interest and foreign exchange rates decision making process i.e., management of foreign exchange rate risks, in accordance with the Company policy.
  • Currency Management: It helps in managing the foreign currency risk, exchange rate risks and directs towards the currency to be used for overseas billing etc.
  • Corporate Finance: It involves in merger and acquisition, capital structure, right issue, etc.
  • Banking: Treasury Management helps in maintaining good relationship with bankers and carryout initial negotiation with them for any short-term loan.
  • Venture Capital Financing: It involves in new high-risk venture of getting venture capitalist.

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