Fetch and Present Data with SqlDataSource

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Fetch and Present Data with SqlDataSource

Fetching and presenting data with SqlDataSource involves:


  • Connecting to SQL Server Express
  • Finding a copy of the Northwind database
  • Adding the Northwind database to your application
  • Connecting to the database
  • Using the SqlDataSource Control
  • The Command attributes in the markup
  • Consuming Data with the DetailsView Control
  • Using Parameters in Queries
  • Getting a parameter value from a TextBox control
  • Returning the country names with no repeats
  • Filling a drop-down list with data from a SqlDataSource
  • Changing the parameter source
  • Obtaining a parameter from a Session variable
  • Passing a parameter on a query string
  • Creating a Master-Detail Page
  • Designing the page layout
  • Fetching data for the master
  • Fetching data for the details
  • Configuring the GridView and DetailsView controls

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