Learning Culture

Learning Culture

The importance of learning culture – learning is fun in itself. It gives the opportunity to learn new things and also polish the old knowledge. As a result, it actually encourages the employee to develop knowledge and competence. An organization with a learning culture opens up the opportunity to establish transformation continuously for the better.

Learning Culture

Tips for creating the learning culture

  • Install links between the learning and performance. An employee must possess the understanding of constant learning to improve his work capacity and capability.
  • Apply the learned skills. Once the employee gets the clear picture of learning in the work environment. He starts linking the performance, learning and the outcomes. Because of the new knowledge gained it leads to behavioral changes and the better employee result. The role of the manager is to keep looking for new learning tools, to achieve the better-desired outcome.
  • Learning at the workplace shouldn’t be an administrative task. Learning should be a tool for learning, increasing productivity and employee engagement. Thus, communicating the required and right learning skills leads to achieving the desired company goals.
  • Learning should be an opportunity for the employees. This should work as a gap filler for the employees if lacking any skills. Along with this feedback, the programme should be there to monitor the progress and reward the good performance.
  • Employees should be accountable for their own learning path. Now with the change in the technology employees have become apter in their work. Also, this learning culture is improving their skills simultaneously and this makes the employee-employer relation strong.

A survey showed that the companies with a learning culture are improving and developing rapidly. As it increases the productivity, increase in knowledge and engagement in work, etc. Therefore, adopting learning culture at work builds a stronger long-term company success.

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