L&D Content Development

L&D Content Development

When implementing the learning culture at the workplace, there arises a question in mind from where the content develops for the learning and development? The reports suggest that the half of the learning and development content develops from the scratch by the internal and external activities of the L&D practitioners. The two-fifth of it develops through adapting and curating the existing internal and external materials. While the one-tenth of it develops through the user-generated content. There is always considerable variation across the organization. Still, the L&D content development is not affected by the organizational size and sector.

L&D Content Development

There are organizations offering the training to the non-employee groups. Out of all the two-thirds of the organizations offer the training to the non-employee groups. Though they offer training to the significant non-employees particularly with regard to the training of volunteers.

Although, a huge number of very large organizations are there. Who are least likely to offer the training programme to the non-employee group. Training offers to bring ‘all in line with company values and vision’, ensure ‘consistency in branding and services’, to ensure ‘company standards are delivering’ and to improve systems and product knowledge. Continued shift towards integration with business strategy

Therefore, the major changes to L&D over the next two years will focus on closer alignment with the business strategy and more emphasis on monitoring and evaluation.

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