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Job Rotation and Loading

There are many reasons for implementing a job rotation system, including the potential for increased flexibility in production, increased employee satisfaction and lower MSD rates.  However, establishing a rotation system that properly determines job rotations and monitors their safe use is not a simple task.  There are many issues to consider and no official protocol or methodology to call upon.  The successful implementation of a program requires teamwork from all parts of the organization, including management, union, medical providers, and especially the employees themselves.

Job rotation is an alternative to reduce the boredom caused due to repetitiveness of tasks and revive their willingness to handle a job and challenges involved in it with same excitement and zeal.

Job loading: There are two forms of job loading.

  • Horizontal job loading: adding tasks to a job but not adding any responsibility or challenge – the meaningless of the job is simply increased. Horizontal loading ought to be avoided!
  • Vertical job loading: adding meaningful tasks that will lead to growth — additional tasks that permit growth and provide motivating factors.

Examples of vertical job loading

  • increasing accountability
  • removing controls
  • making periodic reports available to workers
  • granting job freedom
  • granting job authority
  • introducing new and challenging tasks
  • assigning specific or specialized tasks

Many job rotation systems have failed because of lack of planning and lack of foresight into the problems and short­comings of rotation.  It can prove more difficult than it might seem at first glance, since it involves changing the organizational structure of an entire facility.

The following materials provide systematic guidance for setting up a rotation system.  This guidance should be viewed as a starting point for further discussion by workplace personnel.

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