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Job Security

It is a kind assurance given to the employees for gainful employment for his work. The contract of employment, collective bargaining agreement and labor legislation prevent arbitrary termination, layoffs, and lock outs. Assurance (or lack of it) that an employee has about the continuity of gainful employment for his or her work life. Job security usually arises from the terms of the contract of employment, collective bargaining agreement, or labor legislation that prevents arbitrary termination, layoffs, and lockouts.

Organizations spend huge amount of money on training for individuals and in return they get less when the employee leaves the job. Money and disinterest in the jobs are the reasons of leaving the jobs. These prompt the organization to think to make the job very interesting. Enrichment of the job is one of them. This is a way to make the job more interesting, challenging and satisfying for the employees. This can be made in the form of up gradation of responsibilities, increase in the influence and the challenges.

Some of the people you know may have only had a few jobs – or even one job – in their lives. If so, and they’re not working for the government, they’re likely to be older than 50, having grown up at a time where company loyalty and hard work provided a steady career and a comfortable pension. They might have spent 20 or 30 years with the same company, never making the break to search for something better, and never having a reason to fear layoffs.

These days, however, the world is much different. As a result of globalization, outsourcing, contracting, downsizing, recession and even natural disaster, “job security” can seem like a thing of the past. People entering the workforce within the past few years may have more than 10 different jobs before they retire. The lack of job security that goes with this is something that almost everyone must face at one time or another, and learning how to cope is essential to being happy, and keeping stress away.

So, how do you deal with this uncertainty?

First, learn how to handle the psychological pressure and stress. It’s important to realize that not everyone reacts the same way to job insecurity. Your home life, willingness to adapt to change, and financial situation are much different from those of your colleagues, so don’t expect yourself to feel or react like they do: they’ll manage stress their own way.

Next, be prepared. It’s impossible to know what the future will bring, so preparing in advance can help reduce your worries, because you’ll know you’ve done all you can.

We’ll show you what you can do now to deal with the feeling of a lack of job security.

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