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Job Specialization

Job Specialization is the process of focusing one’s occupational concentration on a specific area of expertise. An increase in job specialization among employees can make them less flexible since it tends to reduce their ability to perform other types of work within the business that fall outside their particular specialty. Job specialization, also called work specialization or division of labor, is the process of separating all the activities necessary for the business or the organization into individual tasks. As part of this process, management – working with the human resources department – takes each task and assigns them to specific people/positions.

For the successful implementation of Human Resource strategies job rotation is   taken as a vital tool. Job rotation aims at establishing the right employees in the right place to have better results.  This tool helps an organization to find an immediate replacement of a highly essential employee from within the organization. HR managers get help from job rotation to place suitable people in suitable position. Therefore a planned job rotation process strengthens the status of an organization and facilitates it to deal the uncertain and outer environment. The followings are the benefits of job rotation:

  • Managers can explore the Hidden Talent: Job Rotation can help managers to explore the hidden talents in the organization itself. The managers get knowledge about the actual functioning of the organization and understand the problems that arise at every stage. This is how the manager identifies the potentiality of the employees. Then he assigns the work to the employees.
  • Is helpful for Individuals to explore their talents: It is found that employees do not identify their own potentiality unless they have been identified. If their jobs get rotated or they are given different work, they can identify their efficiency and enjoy doing their work. This will be helpful for individuals to explore their talents
  • Identification of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes: Job rotation helps the managers as well as the employees to identify their knowledge, skills and attitude. This can determine the need of training or improvement area of the individuals. This will help the individuals to grow and to have more output.
  • Employees get motivated to face the new challenges: Employees will try to give their best when they are exposed to different jobs or assignments. The new challenges will encourage them to perform better and prove their worth. A healthy competition will be prevailed in the organization and everybody will try to perform better than others.
  • Rise in Satisfaction and fall in Attrition: Satisfaction level of the employees will be increased if they are exposed to different tasks. Job variation will decrease the boredom of the employees when they are assigned different work. This will also create belongingness towards the organization and walk along on the principles

Alignment of Competencies with Requirement: It means the sources are directed when and where they are required. Employees are assessed and placed where their skills are used to the highest possible extent.

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